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The mission of Satya Studio is to invite space for truth, alignment and awareness of the body, the mind, energy and nature. This is a welcoming environment, inclusive for all people from diverse walks of life, ages, experiences, and abilities, to experience and learn through the 8 Limbs of yoga and exploring the creative arts.

Satya Studio is a space to learn, to embrace, and to experience self-expression and healing, welcoming alignment and authentic truth in this human experience.

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Class Options


Kid's Yoga

Basic Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Beneficial and recommended for new students or individuals looking to further their knowledge around postures, breathing techniques, and becoming comfortable and aware of the body. These sessions focus on alignment of the body, the use of supports in the postures, and gaining confidence in your yoga practice, however that looks for you.

Chakra Flow

These sessions are about connection to nature, emotions, and our “village” through the use of books, yoga flow, games, and crafts. It is a time to connect as caregiver and child(ren) in a way that engages the mind and body.

Flowing with

the Moon

Sessions in restorative yoga focus on poses that are primarily on the floor. Postures are held for longer periods of time and use of props are recommended to further comfort the body. Useful for individuals of all experience levels, these sessions focus to help bring relaxation and rejuvenation to the mind and body.

Special Events

Select sessions will be offered remotely either as a live or pre-recorded video.

Private/Semi Private Yoga

Chakra Flow is a series of sessions designed to help open, and work with the energies within the body. These sessions focus on using asana to help bring the body and mind to a more balanced, joyful state of being.

Flowing with the Moon is a month-long yoga journey focusing and bringing awareness to the energy of the moon as it moves in nature through the monthly phases, and using that power and guidance for personal healing of the mind, body, and developing an inner resource.

Special events are a fun way to get involved. Focuses of the events range through the creative arts and yoga asanas and principals. From these special events, 50% of proceeds are donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

If you or someone you know is going through difficulties or have a cause you are passionate about, please email to discuss a special event hosted by Satya Studio.

For individuals interested in a more personalized yoga experience, private yoga really puts the focus on your needs and desires during your session. Those that are new to yoga, or are simply more comfortable practicing in private, this is for you. Ideal for 1 - 4 students, sessions will focus specifically on each students needs. Each session will be specially designed on an individual basis.

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Hi, I'm Michelle Higgins,

Owner & Instructor

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There came a point where I knew I needed to align my life. I wanted to heal and be present and more joyful in my experience.

I began to work on my mental health and enrolled in a trauma informed yoga instructor course. I began to see how much related to psychology, and the connection to holistic medicinal practices. I began to notice changes in myself. I decided this was something I really wanted to continue and incorporate into my life.

The more I practice and learn about yoga, the more clear, and aware I become within myself and my reality. Inviting those around me into this process, and sharing the knowledge and resources I gain, is how I aspire to spread positivity in this experience.

Satya, the name of this studio, is a Sanskrit word meaning "truthfulness" or "that which exists, that which is." The concept of Satya really helped ground me, and come into my truth. My journey of healing, coming back to my authentic self and changing my reality, by changing my perceptions and applying compassionate self-forgiveness, letting go, is continuing to change my life.

My desire is to provide classes and workshops designed to guide individuals through an objective, non-judgmental lens, to spread light and kindness within themselves and the world around them. Using Yoga and Creative Arts to aid in the mind and body awareness to bring about a more beautiful human experience for people of all ages.

I invite you, to Satya Studio. Align-Create-Inspire

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